YN-13-PS-BIGBAG Potato Harvesting Machine - Filling Sacks

Potato Harvesting Machine Filling Sacks

It takes the work that moves with the tractor weight system with the shaft from the tail axle and makes work its 3nd palette with the hydraulic system and makes a single row removal. It is a removal machine that fills the sack with potatoes that it removed. Our machine separates the shoots and grass from the potatoes that it removed as a single row and transfers them to the 3nd palette. And the 5 workers there separate the rocks and clods from the potatoes to another palette and carry the potatoes that are cleaned to the two filling funnels which are connected. It completes here its operation by the potatoes that it filled in the sacks.

Technical Specifications

  • Inner width :      70 cm
  • Lenght :      7500 cm
  • Width :      175cm
  • Movement Properties : 1. Pallete with mechanical movement
                                      : 2. Pallete with hydraulic movement
  • Weight :       2250 kg

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