YN-08-RY-2S Potato Harvesting Machine - Trailer Loading

Potato Harvesting Machine Trailer Loading

This machine harvests, carries and finally loads potatoes(planted on two lines) to trailer moving at the side of the machine. Machine is powered by axle and also the first carrier band is powered by axle, but the second carrier band -which carries potatoes and destroy clod- is powered by hydrolic. Tractor driver has whole control on the machine by remote-control device. Thanks to that remote control device, driver can rotate the wheels easily and this way it is easy to bend and rotate machine to the desired directions. Also with remote control device, driver can adjust the machine's slope, down of up according to the field's condition. When the harvesting operation is finished, driver can set the statues of the machine as on-the-way by remote control and ride the tractor on the road easily and safely. You can keep working (harvesting) for 24 hours in a day by switching-on th lights which are located on the machine.

Technical Specifications

  • Height : 300 Cm
  • Width : 220 Cm
  • Size : 660 C
  • Weight : 1980 kg
  • Iron Pallete : 52 bars 240cm tall
  • Rubber Pallete : 86 bars 320cm tall
  • Clod Breaker : 8 lines 204 pieces
  • Oil Unit : 250 Bsr 1500d/d
  • Tire Size : 10/75-15.3

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